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      About our company

      What do we do?

      Binzhou Chengli Building Materials Co., Ltd.?is located in the beautiful scenery of the Yellow River Delta Center City-Binzhou, north of China. our?company is professionally specialized in?the process of production,research,development, and selling of concrete admixtures.

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      Our products

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      Binzhou Chengli Building Materials Co., LTD always adhere to the quality as the foundation, innovation as the power,and strive to concrete additive industry leader. Our company’s integrity,strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance.

      What is Sodium Gluconate?How can we use it ?

      Sodium gluconate is also known as the sodium salt of gluconic acid. It is a white powder, non-toxic, and good in thermal stability. In addition, it is very soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. It plays an important role in many aspects such as construction, textile p...

      Problems and solutions in use of polycarboxylate additive

      With the wide application of polycarboxylate additive,more and more application problems presented in front of us.today we will discuss what are these problems and how to solve these problems. 1,how much water and cement we should add after using polycarboxylate additive Polycarboxylate additive ...

      Sodium Naphthalene sulfonate

      Sodium Naphthalene sulfonate is one kind of high efficiency concrete admixture. It is yellow brown powder. This admixture is no pollution, environmental friendly, and nontoxic. It dissolves in water easily, has stable performance. Special advantage include high workability, high water reducing ra...
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